Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now violent movies?

Man, looks like I just can't get any luck on this one. After seeing Grindhouse I tracked down a copy of "Cannibal Holocaust", one of the goriest movies in existence, and it should be here in a couple of days. Damnit, I wanted to find "Last House on Dead End Street", which is supposedly even worse, but it's completely out of print.....Anyways, now a Korean action film is starting to be blamed for Virginia Tech. Specifically, a film called "Old Boy". Now, I'm not sure if the writers at the New York Times and other places are aware of this, but his writings were so disturbing, it's being reported, that 63 people out of a class of seventy stopped going to their creative writing class because of him. You can argue about loners in general, or about violent movies in general, or about violent music in general, but alienating 63 out of 70 from a writing class? That's something that goes far beyond the normal confines of loner-dom and fans of violent horror flicks.

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