Friday, April 20, 2007

The only book worth reading

This, the Ruhnama of the Father of All Turkmen Saparmurat Niyazov. The man who erected statues out of solid gold that follow the sun...are they really following the sun or are they standing still while the sun follows Turkmenbashi?

Now you, yes you, can read the Ruhnama, the part autobiography part history part religious text required for reading in all of Turkmenistan, even for drivers' training, which is held in such esteem that Turkmenbashi requires it to be placed next to the Quran in mosques.

Excerpts::"My Dear Türkmen Nation!

You are the meaning of my life and source of my strength. I wish you a healthy and long life. Our Türkmen ancestors were courageous people and they began to educate their children before they came to life. The Türkmen child reached maturity and bravery, and then has a national education and worldview. For that reason, bodily health, intellectual stability, and integrity, and good manners were the special characteristics of the Türkmen.

In our times, the Türkmen should take care in his eating and drinking to preserve his health and endurance. He should not eat greedily. In order to keep his health, strength and productivity, the Türkmen should remember Allah Almighty’s order: “Eat and drink but do not waste,” and behave according to this order."

"Dear Türkmen!

Be your own ruler. If you succeed in managing yourself, then you can overcome all difficulties.

My Citizens! The Türkmen of today and tomorrow should know himself. He should know his weakness and his strength, through and through! The doctor who knows the problem can easily solve it. The people who can judge their problems can avoid the problems! Ruhnama is the Türkmen’s book about himself.

Ruhnama is not only our book! Ruhnama is also the book of our brothers and other nations that rejoice at our happiness and are proud of our successes and with whom we are together creating our Golden Age in these lands."

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A crows idol.