Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I'm preparing to do a major post about Piracetam. It's the original "Smart Drug" or Nootropic and didn't used to be available in this country. Now, there's a supplier and it's perfectly legal to buy and take it. I ordered some Piracetam, eager to try out a substance that I'd known about for over a decade but that was inaccessable to me. It came, I took two caps, which totalled 1600 miligrams, and waited for something to happen.

I'd used the closest thing available to Piracetam, Acetyl L-Carnitine, before, and noticed that it took a small handful of pills, like three, to really be effective. I thought Piracetam would be similar. But, no. About twenty minutes after I took it the shift in consciousness started. Imagine just sitting around one day and suddenly finding that you're ultra focussed, with full attention, that your thoughts are going faster and that they're clearer, and that your memory is sharpened, in the space of a couple of minutes. That's what Piracetam kicking in was like. The shift was so intense, like cleaning out your mind with a pipe cleaner, that it almost felt like intoxication. It wasn't safe to drive. I raced through a bunch of mental states before coming to a constant one, which had a playful sense of creativity to it. The effect of the Piracetam at the highest point could be compared to the positive effects of amphetamines combined with the playfulness of thought of cannabis, and a little bit of an aphrodesiac like Ecstasy mixed in.

It was so intense I didn't know what it me, and it took about half a day to really get my bearings back and stop being disoriented.

I took some Acetyl L-Carnitine during the experience and it had the effect of mellowing the Piracetam effects out, making them less harsh seeming, instead making them smoother.

Later, I did an experiment where I took a smaller dose of Piracetam and then took Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic acid (which is a supplement that makes Acetyl Carnitine work better), and Inosital, which is a natural sugar that boosts metabolism, including brain metabolism, by being more effective than glucose, together to see what would happen. The smoothing effects were there and were extended; possibly because of the lower dose or because it wasn't my first time, possibly because of the other chemicals, it didn't hit me like a ton of bricks. Very smooth. Laid down. This time had some involuntary muscle twitching and some times had to remember to breathe.

I would recommend Piracetam as something to explore to extend your range of experiences and possibly cause real health benefits. The idea that a drug could actually make you healthier in the end is sort of a new one, but this may fit the bill.

I'm not going to tell you where to get it from; you have to find that out for yourself. I will tell you that there are two domestic producers of it, and not to go with the producer that's located in a mountain state because there's something very suspicious about it. Google says that their site attempts to install malware on your computer, which, well, make of that what you will.

Happy hunting.

***I should note that the consensus out there in online land is that the subsequent times you take Piracetam you don't get as dramatically obvious effects, although it continues to do your mind good in terms of better brain functioning and memory. This appears to be confirmed by my own subsequent experience with Piracetam. And taking lots and lots doesn't get you this effect. I continue to take it but never, not in the beginning or now, initiated it for a high. This was a sort of unexpected side effect the first time around****


Nanook said...

Your experience with Piracetam is very different from mine. I did find that my senses were more acute, I could see subtle colors better, night vision improved, and hearing improved, and I found it helped focus, but I got no high at all, I've read much on others experience with it before I tried it and I've never seen anyone else describe that either, all of which leads me to suspect you may have gotten product contaminated with something else.

I buy mine through a Colorado supplier, don't know if it's the same as you say tried to install malware on your computer, but I've not had any problems with them other than regularly being out of stock.

I do find it to be of value in terms of improving focus which is something I have problems with.

I would very much like to find a reliable local supplier.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading all about piracetam for a while and have decided that its time to try some but for a while now i have been trying to find a reliable manufacturer. So far all the names that come up in google buy it from china and im not looking to get lead or arsenic posioning.

i was wondering if you could share your information on domestic producers, my email is, it would be much appreciated.

Judge C. Crater said...

Got mine as powder from

Seems to work as advertised although improvements I've noticed have not been quite as dramatic as others have reported. It definitely has a kick-in for me that seems much more rapid than what I've read. I take with lecitithin.

Something to mask the taste is an absolute necessity. Not sure I've ever ingested anything that tastes worse than piracetam.

BetterMan said...

I've had some similar effects with Piracetam but not the "high" that you mentioned. If I may guess, I would say that Piracetam potentiate other "medication" that you have in your system in order to give you the high. :)

Have a look at my post on piracetam

Anonymous said...

Well.. If you drop 3x1600 mg of piracetam you will definitely feel a rush. But to work.. I have taken 1200mg every hour or two. Works fine with me and keeps me alert all night and able to do mental work if needed.

Brian Moskovit said...

Agree. I take UCB Geratam (Piracetam by UCB, Belgium) 1200 mg (buy it on ) and confirm that 2(8AM, 6PM) x4 x1200 give me the best result. I don't use choline in a powder (don't trust no named powders and didn't fin brand named one) but eat eggs, liver, chicken, nuts, take B miltivitamin complex and my memory tests look good. Actually much better than I ate 1x4 (8AM, 1PM, 5PM, 9PM) x1200