Saturday, April 14, 2007

Please don't bring us back into P.C. land with that self-exploitation crap

That's a reference to the below post. If you don't know what the title means read the below post and then read this one. Self exploitation. American society is indeed getting more sexist in its popular culture but the concept of self exploitation on the part of women is so vague you could drive a truck through it, which means that whoever is using the concept will probably put their agenda out there and call it opposing self exploitation. The implicit threat is that we should counter things that are self exploiting. Why not just tick off a list that people are no longer allowed to do, think about, or talk about, and enforce it rigorously, even though the concept is complete bullshit and doesn't address the deeper problems that lead to the things now forbidden.

Welcome, readers, to the world of PC. Not the way PC is used by conservatives today---where opposing torture and official discrimination of Muslims is labeled PC, but the way it used to exist, in the eighties and early nineties. PC was in fact real, and was essentially a sterile, formalistic, response that people who professed to be radical had to a myriad of social issues which had less and less to do with actual reality as time wore on.

PC was turned on by libertarian alternative culture and mercillessly pilloried, for good reason.

But, it's an inenviable position to be liberal and to be opposed to mainstream liberals because they are full of shit. You agree with them on racism, sexism, homophobia, everything, but the way it's being put into place is such a joke that you can't put your support behind them. Ha ha, I raised the possibility of placing your support behind these sorts of mainstream liberals, which is a joke in itself.

Ah, memories, fond fond memories. I remember moving from the country to the city in highschool. My parents were pretty progressive, probably moreso than eighty percent of the families in that school, which was universally regarded in the Detroit area as being liberal beyond belief. The school was good, but that's another issue. One thing that happened though was in a class discussing current events we talked about guns and gun rights, and I brought up that my family owned guns, including handguns. Ah, that opened up a can of worms. Because of being from the country and owning guns the implication was that we were semi-literate maybe racist rednecks and that I just had to have the issue explained to me right to understand that Guns Were Bad. People in my family also hunted, an unpardonable crime. Hunting in Michigan, who would have thought?
Yeah, the argument was that there was no way that a handgun could be safely possessed. I argued against that and they just looked at me, eventually changing the subject.

Wow, we were progressives that owned guns, and some of us hunted, what a concept.

Tipper Gore, Al's wife, and a Dead Head, wanting to censor music, that's another rich one. She helped form the Parents Music Research Center which established those little stickers.

Yes, let's not go back to those glory days of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine McKinnon. Intercourse is inherently oppressive because a woman is being penetrated, so goes Dworkin's argument. Not surprisingly, she stated later that she no longer got offers for dates after that one. Man, if penetration is oppressive, how much more oppressive must be giving birth. But wasn't Dworkin part of the group that proposed developing ways for babies to be grown outside of the womb so that women didn't have to do that anymore? At least one strain of Radical Feminism asserted that, no matter the technical impossibility of it either then or now. This is actually not an exagerration. It still lives. A few years ago, maybe five, I came across it in a sociology textbook under a section dealing with the different forms of feminism.

If pleasure is outlawed, only outlaws will have pleasure.

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