Friday, April 27, 2007

'self exploitation' Nelly, Tip Drill

In the interest of not being a total fraud, instead of commenting on what somebody said about a post somebody wrote vaguely connected to someone who actually saw the video "Tip Drill", the one of the fabled credit card down the butt cheeks, I decided to track it down on Youtube and actually see it myself.

There's been a lot of discussion about the 'self exploitation' of the women who acted in the video, because the concept of 'self exploitation' is the only thing that'll square women acting in a video that they don't like. Sure, the video is sexist, but no more than a lot of others....

But back to the self exploitation. You can find the thing on Youtube yourself and judge but, when I saw it, the dancer who was part of the credit card incident, who had been acting through the whole video, seemed to be having an awful good time. It wasn't like she was chained to a sewing machine making clothes in Malaysia ten hours a day for pennies an hour.

But I guess she's been programmed to think that she was having a good time....

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