Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well, well, Ralph's in Olympia's new signage

Ralph's is the place that refused and refuses to sell Plan B out of moral concerns. Not surprisingly, they now face a boycott of their stores. Coming home I noticed that they have a special that they're advertizing on their sign: "Brawny paper towels, two for $5.00". How the mighty have fallen...To understand why this is so deliciously funny you have to know that Ralph's is the most high end grocery store in town. It's the place that advertizes celebrity chefs coming in order to give lessons; the place where wine tasting occurs; the place that sells every last little irrelevant thing that people don't actually use but which have a certain cultural cachet to them. Tools like graters to remove the zest of lemons, special tools for getting garlic to be crushed in a certain way.

Now, after trying different ways to get people into their store they're now reduced to talking about how they have discount paper towels. The worm has turned, eh Ralph's?

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