Monday, April 23, 2007

Yeltsin dead at 76, "Cheeta" the Tarzan chimp alive at 75.

From the LA Times article:

"What can I say—I'm a star. That's why this guy's staring at me, right? I seem familiar, and not just because I did 50 movies, including those classic "Tarzan" flicks of the 1930s. Maybe he saw me on one of the morning shows. Maybe he read about me in Guinness World Records—oldest living chimpanzee. Or maybe he recognizes me in a way he can't quite put into words?

Whatever, I know why he's here. I just celebrated my 75th birthday, which is a flat-out miracle for a chimp. In the wild we rarely reach 40. In captivity 50 is a feat. So I'm like the Methuselah of Monkeys. The George Burns of Hollywood Apes."

Maybe cynicism isn't dead after all; just a man who sold out his country to U.S. Imperialism.

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