Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anti-Comix sentiment over at Pandagon

Regarding the new Spiderman statue of Mary Jane.

What I'm focussing on isn't the sexism of the statue but rather the analysis of it from the esteemed Amanda Marcotte.

Yes, indeed it is sexist, and the response of women Comix fans is completely understandable, but what's a little unnerving is Marcotte's analysis of male Comix fans.

Let's start with the title: "Spiderman toy sets up legions of Nice Guys® for serious disappointment when they emerge from their caves and interact with real women"

Then the first line: "In an effort to shore up the feeling that comics fanboys never, ever get laid, much less lay eyes on a real woman, Sideshow is selling this collectible toy of Mary Jane from the Spiderman series, and sadly, it’s sold out. (Hat tip, emjaybee.)"

"Oh, there are so many things wrong with this toy. It’s pretty irresponsible to be pushing something that just increases the amount of Nice Guy® whining out there about how they can’t get a decent girl—aka, one who hand-washes your clothes in a bucket while sticking her ass in the air, all turned on by doing thankless chores you’re too good to do."

Wow, way to end stereotypes there, Marcotte. At first when I started reading this I thought there'd be something after the line about shoring up the feeling about comics fanboys not getting laid that would suggest that it's just a stereotype, but no.

Instead, we get the resort to the good 'old "Nice Guy" argument, which is essentially a way to describe people as Losers without using the word. Increasing the amount of Nice Guy whining---by Comix fans, is another way of saying that Comix fans are immature losers.

And Pandagon claims to be a counter-cultural blog? Sounds more like a survival of a mentality used in high school to ostracize people who have different opinions and interests from the mainstream.

Comix fans are losers.........people who listen to Goth or Industrial music and wear black are immature wimps.....people who claim to be Anarchists are just maladapted idiots with family issues.

I've heard, either personally through things like this being directed towards me or from going incognito and hearing how other people not part of these cultures talk about members of them.

Yeah, the idea of the Nice Guy coupled with comix, basically saying that in fact male comix fans are sexually maladjusted and can't have mature relationships.

That's an awfully progressive sentiment.

Update: A survey of articles, mostly written by women comix afficianados, about this shows overwhelmingly that the writers blame the company for making this rather than say that it confirms loser stereotypes about men who like comix.

Second update: With that Nice Guy business, which I could write a whole lot about, there's a confusion in that as some people use the term there are actually two groups being talked about. The first are people who really are sexually immature and therefore do creepy things; the second are people who in other contexts would be referred to as losers. Saying that those two are the same thing is a slap in the face to anyone who's been through highschool and belonged to a group that was ridiculed.

This includes gay men, or men suspected of being gay, by the way. So using "Nice Guys" as shorthand for people described by others as losers puts you in great company.

Other Pandagon greatest hits on the subject: describing the Virginia Tech killer as a sexually frustrated loser who was like a guy who beats his wife and watches TV all day as well as, and I might be wrong about this one, a pedophile and a rapist.


Jonathan Versen said...

I stopped reading Pandagon a long time ago, mostly because of Ms. Marcotte, who seems to think straw-man arguments are perfectly ok-- when she wields them.

The said...

Marcotte is a text book case of what is wrong with Feminism and why Feminism is seen as the 'F-Word' with men and women.

She has called foreign women 'scabs' because in her eyes, these women weak an woman's position in marriage by 'submitting to patriarchy' when in reality, feminists have done that themselves.

After all, between a materialistic, controlling, overbearing, hysterical, unappreciative Witch and a sincere, loving, supportive, appreciative woman, which will the man prefer to be with?