Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chick, Chick, Chick

As in Jack Chick. Really, just check out some of his comics, like these: (I don't have to poke fun at him, he pokes enough fun at himself unthinkingly. That's the real thing that makes it fun---that he's so oblivious to how completely he's regurgitating society's prejudices)Ok, here's a few:

Last Rites--When this [hook nosed] Catholic dies, he learns that his church couldn't save him.

Are Roman Catholics Christian? [this one is just nasty]

Love the Jewish People.[This one takes some explaining. In it Chick says that the reason there are famines in Africa is because African nations severed their relations with Israel...and that the fact that the UK lost it's colonies in Africa and Asia was connected with it's Mandate era Palestine policies

Men of Peace? Muhammad ended up in the same place as everyone else who rejects Jesus.[where we see hook nosed Arab terrorists plus gratuitous insults to Muhammad and to Islam as a whole]

Allah Had No Son. The Allah of Islam is not the God of creation.[More gratuitous anti-Muslim sentiment, although not as hook-nosed as before]

Man in Black.Damien was VERY religious. But when he learned the history of Catholicism, he knew his church could not save him...only Jesus could.[In which an alcoholic Priest is told that the Roman Catholic Church is the Great Whore of Babylon] See a pattern here?

Gun Slinger [A professional murderer repents and goes to heaven, the sheriff that caught him doesn't believe in god and so goes to hell]

Personally, I think that Jesus is just as good as Sabbatai Zevi (a hostile article, though), and that Zevi's ideas (like finding redemption through pursuing sin) are a hell of a lot funner.

But, Chick is full of shit up to his skull.

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