Saturday, May 05, 2007 cards

I'm at a point where the things I'm interested in, topics, bands, movies, fiction/non-fiction, are so obscure that often the only way to get them is via the internet. So my main way of buying books now is via debit card, same as music and now DVDs. Not like I haven't tried some other way--I've scoured Seattle for places to get these things.

Anyways, I got a call from my credit card company a few days ago checking up on whether or not my card had been stolen. The guy listed the things, mostly a few book purchases and some coffees bought using the card, and I was like "yes, yes, authorized that". Now, there wasn't really anything different about my online debit card use except that a few weeks before I'd spent money to get the "Rukhana", written by the now-deceased dictator of Turkmenistan Niyazov, also known as Turkmenbashi. It's not Islamic fundamentalism, it's the expression of an insane post-communist dictator who was an ardent nationalist. I bought it as a novelty item, although after I got my hands on it my thoughts turned more to feeling sorry for the Turkmen that lived and still live under the dictatorship of the principles contained in this book. Some may argue that it's sort of bad or in bad taste to spend money on something like that that's pretty much just a novelty item, and I would halfway agree with them. After all, I didn't need it, either for scholarly purposes or even for general enjoyment in a non-ironic way.

But the point is that it was money transferred to someone with an Islamic name for a book by the ruler of a Muslim country....and magically a week later I get a call from my credit card company wondering if it was stolen. Funny how those things happen. Never happened before, even when I've made some stupid decisions about what to spend money on online which could have lead the people to question if something wrong was going on.

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