Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost Highway apparel store

Where you can buy things with the Lost Highway logo on it, i.e. the official logo from this website, which is this:

There's another design available, which is the word "Trabizond" with a geometric shape above it. That takes some explaining. Trabizond was the place in present day Turkey where the Byzantine empire held out the longest, lasting till the 15th century. I included that because at the time I was hostile to modernity and infatuated with the culture of Late Antiquity, as it's known. I'm still against modernity somewhat, if you define modernity as being alienating modern industrial capitalism and the social system that comes with it as opposed to modern rights and standards, which is what some people who say that they're against modernity really mean. As for Late Antiquity, I could talk a lot about that. The main reason I liked it was that the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire, never experienced a Dark Age, and so preserved a worldview that was rooted in Classical times, with an understanding of philosophy and of life in general that's been largely lost in the west. This has problems as well, but who doesn't occasionally yearn for an era that they rightly or wrongly think was less fucked up than the one that they live in?

Some authors have suggested that the Islamic world was the real heir to late Antiquity, in terms of philosophy and worldview. This is very true. Ibn' Sina, Al-Farabi, Ibn Rushd, the great Islamic philosophers, definitely continued the classical tradition and way of thinking about life. Unfortunately suggesting that Islamic philosophers had a better understanding of life than many people in the current day and age do is an unpopular position, politically, in the U.S. today...

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