Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean and Ministry (the band)?

Well, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean III, and it really sucked, in my humble opinion. The second one was the best...But. I noticed something this time around: Johnny Depp's character looks a lot like Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Could that be where the character's look comes from?

Here're two pictures, one of Jourgensen, the other of Capt. Jack Sparrow (who doesn't get the girl, she goes with the about as interesting as sawdust character whose father is imprisoned on the ship...)

Jourgensen, 1992:


k0ph said...

i've been saying that j. depp jacked uncle al's style for years. glad to read that someone agrees.

Anonymous said...

Thats an interesting observation. I gotta say you got it right. Definitely some resemblance there to a younger Al. I didn't see the link to Al on your page though so heres a fine example of your point.


Anonymous said...

Its me again, I should have checked it out but that link didn't work so I'll just tell you how I found it. Do a google image search on "Al Jourgenson 1992".


Anonymous said...

al was in a band with johnny depp called "P", they played a gig at the Viper Room when River Phoenix died. Check out "Fix the Ministry Movie"

ACS said...

Check out and search for "Ministry Reload Sphinctour"

Look at Al from 1.25- and you´ll se exactly where Depp got both the look and the moves from..