Sunday, May 06, 2007

Plug for the R.U. Sirius show.

R.U. Sirius is a writer who is best known for editing "Mondo 2000", the now almost mythical magazine dealing with techno-culture and counter-culture. The name is a takeoff on the various "Mondo" movies that came out in the '60s and '70s, like "Mondo Mod", which showed in a kind of exploitation film documentary style different cultures and subcultures from around the world. Mondo 2000 would therefore be a Mondo type magazine dealing with futuristic things. The easiest way to find out what this is all about is to find the Mondo 2000 book "The Mondo 2000 Users Guide to the New Edge". Mondo 2000 was like the early "Wired" magazine before they started doing things like cheering people who you couldn't categorize as anything but typical straight laced capitalists as being counter-cultural. I'm a fraud anyways because, in reality, I only saw one (or two? I don't really remember) issues of Mondo 2000 when it was still being published. Anyways, R.U. Sirius now has his own radio show podcast that deals with Mondo type topics----drugs, fringe culture, technology, music, sex, literature---and I'm totally addicted to it. For example, he has not one but two shows devoted to interviewing V. Vale from RE/Search Publications, talking about the publication and J.G. Ballard. That's mind blowing in and of itself. If you don't know RE/Search you should check out their website.

Another weapon in the arsenal of deprogramming yourself from the mainstream culture and getting yourself free....

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