Friday, May 04, 2007

Strangely Juxtaposed Headlines at Huffington Post

Since HuffPo changes their front page several times a day it'll probably be gone if you read this tomorrow morning, but I'll point it out anyways.

On the left colum: "Chris Kelly: 2,177 Warrants Chris Kelly: 2,177 Warrants
AP: A secret court approved all but one of 2,176 requests by the government last year to search or eavesdrop on suspected terrorists and spies, according to Justice Department data released Tuesday.

Secret Court Guy: Sweet corn! There are 2,177 suspected terrorists and spies in America?
Government Guy: And their lawyers. And their lawyers' landladies. And the people their lawyers' landladies, uh, call on the phone. And people who buy plane tickets by phone when better fares are available on And short guys with tall women."

In the center column: "NRA Says Terror Suspects Should Be Able To Buy Guns" which, by the way, was earlier plastered as a headline on the site.

Hmmm.....2,177 warrants issued by a secret, unaccountable, court are issued for terror 'suspects', which the author acknowledges is probably bullshit, yet when it comes to the NRA saying that those people should be able to buy guns suddenly it's a whole different story! How dare the NRA say that people under bullshit suspicions of being terrorists are entitled to own weapons!

Moral story of this: in Huffington Post land monitoring people's phone calls unnecessarily is bad, but preventing those same people from owning weapons is a necessary sacrifice.

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