Wednesday, May 09, 2007

truly random thing, really pay no attention

which means people no doubt will pay attention. Unfortunately, the warning isn't an ironic statement. I just want to get this out on the web and indexed by Google because there doesn't seem to be another place where I can put it.

Don't buy "Tankhem" by Mogg Morgan, owner of Mandrake publishing in England. I bought this partially because it was recommended by a group named "The Storm", who purported to look at these sorts of topics through a very scholarly lens. Little did I know that they were concerned more with scoring points against the organization they split from than pursuing real scholarship.
Tankhem isn't just a bad book on the subject, but one of the worst books I've ever read. It's possibly the first truly contentless book that I've come across. This is a bad thing in light of how much Mandrake books cost on this side of the Atlantic. He essentially doesn't say anything but instead just gives you a narration of a walk through a temple to the god looked at in Egypt. There's literally no historical information whatsoever. Just an extended riff on how this temple looked. Then he adds, incongruously, an "Ode to the Cock and Fanny". I have no problem whatsoever with topics like that but the thing is just stuck on there with the proviso that he wants people to loosen up their sexuality. Why? He doesn't say. It doesn't connect with the book at all except maybe in the jokey spirit that he punctuates his non-content based writing with. My thought is that there would be no way this book would have been published, by Mandrake Press or by anybody else for that matter, if the author didn't own the company.

You'd get more value for your money by putting what the book costs in a pile and burning it. At least the flames would look nice.

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