Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yeah, DC Madam does appear to have been like a corporate boss

Here is a link to an ABC news story about this company newsletter that the woman dubbed the DC Madam published.

"Without being overtly vulgar, a pair of tits and an ass, without accompanying brains, sophistication, LOOKS and carriage, just won't cut it in this business or at least, not with this particular agency!!" wrote Palfrey in a monthly newsletter sent to the women who worked for her. "

""Nail color is to match the lipstick color. The lipstick color is to compliment a person's natural coloring," she advises, along with passing on details of a "fat cream for the thighs" and retin-A so "a gal of 40 can shave off 4-6 years realistically. Mgt. encourages such."

"Palfrey used her newsletters to instruct women in her employ to destroy all records or notes connected to the business, complaining about one of her girls arrested in a police sting in Alexandria, Va., "The bimbo kept records." "Destroy the data immeidately [sic]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she wrote, while repeatedly demanding the women save all newsletters and adhere to the policies and procedures they dictated."


Yeah. You can read more at the link but she comes off as an abusive idiot who ironically requires her girls to have "accompanying brains, sophistication". It's this sort of petty dictator, who can't intellectually box her way out of a paper bag but who inexplicably has ended up in charge that you find over and over again in many jobs. This isn't exactly a news flash, but is instead disappointing in this context.

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