Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Added "Anarchist Voices" and "Socialism in America"

To the sidebar. Both of them are documents from the socialist movement as it actually existed in pre-WWII America, Anarchist Voices being a series of interviews with people from all over the U.S. and Canada who belonged to the Anarchist movement, Socialism in America being a compilation of speeches and documents produced by people and groups starting with religious and utopian socialists and going on through the Leninists and hitting everything in between.

I'm adding these two for the same reason that I added "Socialist Thought: A Documentary History" (available used for cheap!), which is to say that these books deal with socialism as it actually existed, moving away from a purely theoretical analysis and to a practical analysis of how in fact these things could manifest as a movement or in future societies.

I don't buy the argument that you can't predict how socialist society is going to look like and that, therefore, you shouldn't write about it. I mean, what the hell are you fighting for if you don't have any idea what exactly the end point is going to look like or be? These authors try to fill in that blank.

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