Friday, June 15, 2007

Commencement is going on right now

At Evergreen. I remember last year Christine Gregoire, Washington's neoliberal governor, spoke. She quoted from Thomas Friedman, reminding us that the world was "flattened". Actually, Thomas Friedman said that the world was flat; that was the title of his book, by which he meant that the world was now dominated by a single monoculture of neo-liberal markets, although he wouldn't have used those terms. But Gregoire didn't have the guts to go up there and tell the graduating class that the world was now flat, and that she parodoxically saw The Evergreen State College, which had a lot to do with the organizing for the WTO protests, as preparing students for life in a new flat earth.

It would have been really funny if she had said that, and would have been more to the spirit of what she was saying, which was essentially as illogical as saying that the earth was flat.

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