Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally saw "Lost Highway"

Which shares a name with the former name of this blog, "Lost Highway Times". My use of the name is based on a Hank Williams song, but many people think there's a connection between the name and the movie.

What I have to say about the movie is that it was so uninteresting and boring that I turned it off under halfway through, at about the time the main character switched with the other guy.

Sure, I get the "Noir" theme and the homage to the sort of fifties hardboiled beat culture, but a lack of anything resembling an interesting story cripples the film. There's no reason to sit through something that fucks up so badly, for so long, so early on. Like the guy with the white makeup and the lipstick that he meets at the party. Ooooh, scary! I'm freaked out, really.

Pathetic excuse for a movie, no wonder people panned it when it first came out in '97.

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