Monday, June 11, 2007

The gay bomb

In case you didn't know, new revelations have come out about the Pentagon trying to develop a drug that can be dropped on enemy lines that would make the soliders passionately make love to each other instead of fighting. Actually, this isn't a new story. It's been revealed about two times in the past....six?...yeah, just about six, years. But we of the short memories don't realize this, even though the last revelation was like last year.

Some people are objecting to the concept, but I think that this weapon could easily follow military aircraft and radar as a military product found to be quite useful when brought over into civillian life. I mean, can you think of the parties? What if there were gay gas parties that people could sign up to go to. You'd be issued condoms at the door, it would be chosen, there wouldn't be anything surreptious about the dosing. People would fill up on drinks and start dancing to disco music, then at the appointed time the gas would be piped into the club and the next level of enjoyment would begin.

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