Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hell of a dishonest music review there.

That Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips did to "Nevermind" by Nirvana.

From this article from "The Guardian" out of England, entitled "Sgt. Pepper must die!", which is overall a funny and entertaining take down of cherished albums:

"Nevermind had a poisonous, pernicious influence. It legitimised suffering. The sainthood of Kurt Cobain overshadows the album: Kurt's lyrics, his attitudinising and navel-gazing, were hard to separate from the band's image."

Ah, that damn suffering! Can't have that on rock albums, specifically not alternative rock albums right? Not like R.E.M. ever wrote a song about suffering....

Then there's this lovely one: "You're going to think, "Who is this band that sounds just like Nickelback? What are these drug addicts going on about?"

Wow, imagine that, drug use by musicians. Never heard of it. What are these drug addicts going on about....I'm assuming he's putting the Velvet Underground into this category as well.

What these quotes translate out to is this: they make different music than the Flaming Lips, Coyne doesn't like that, therefore they're bad. Especially since the Flaming Lips have turned into a mainstream money maker. Nirvana and Nirvana sounding bands cut into their market share.

And about that navel gazing: another commenter noted that Coyne released an album on four records or CDs designed to be played simultaneously on four record players or four CD players. Hmm. Self indulgent?

I mean, in terms of lyrics now, who needs navel gazing drug addicts talking about life when you've got people talking about a girl who "Don't use Jelly, she uses Vaseline" on her toast.

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