Monday, June 25, 2007

I give you the "superior man"

There's a white supremacist who claims not to be a white supremacist who has the unique distinction of having his books available at chain stores like Borders nationwide. I'm not going to write his name, although by saying that he co-wrote a book about Scandinavian Black Metal that was published by Feral House you should be able to find out who he is quite easily.

He's translated a book by an Italian fascist/mystic about how life should be ordered, with the elite on top and everyone else serving them, as well as headlined a band that can't get their records stocked by even non-non-non mainstream record stores because of fascist lyrics.

So what is he up to these days? Well, he has this website that generally puts forward his ideas. I went over there about a week ago to see what this "superior man" is saying these days. Turns out that he's engaging in a lot of juvenile name calling, calling people with bad fashion taste "Queers" and giving his opinion that the move to ban junk food in schools is like a dictate from a central committee. Ah, so this is what the Superior Man does all day! Engage is name calling that even jock highschool students would shy away from as being immature, and complaining about junk food being banned from schools because, get this, liking junk food is manly. He means it in a non-ironic way, although the sentiment is something that could have come out of Maddox's "The Best Page in the Universe".

Ah, how superior! No doubt this is why he feels that he's one of the elite, who's born to have others serve him.

I wrote him an e-mail outlining all of this, fucking with him and taunting him, and he's gotten back to me, but the thing is that try as he might he can't really deny what I outlined.

So, to quote Nietzsche "Ecce Homo---Here is Man". Here is the "Superior Man" unveiled, showing how he really is, something that Nietzsche himself would no doubt be entertained by.

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