Friday, June 22, 2007

It's like the band "Death in June"

This is building on the previous post's discussion of how things acquire a different context in the media. Death in June is a neo-folk band that uses a lot of symbols that derive from the Third Reich. Douglas Pierce, the core of the group, has gone to pains to explain that they're not using them in the conventional way. But at the very least, no matter what he might believe, in his personal interpretation, that these things stand for, in the eyes of people at large they still symbolize Nazism, and, again, at the very least, his use of these symbols proves that he really doesn't care about allegations of sympathy to Nazism or that he's using symbols that the rest of the world sees as Nazistic.

Same thing with his disturbing use of the word "Holocaust". In a long letter that he penned to the German government in response to a potential ban on his work because of potential racist themes he pointed out that "Holocaust" originally had several meanings before The Holocaust and that the song with "Holocaust" in its title was inspired by volcanoes in Iceland, that regularly burned up everything with fire and lava. This may be true, but it overlooks the simple fact that virtually everyone on the planet, when they hear the word "Holocaust" think of the destruction of the European jews by the Third Reich and its puppet states. To use the word "Holocaust" so brazenly demonstrates the same non-caring attitude about being assocatied with being pro-Naziistic or even with being a Holocaust denier. Whatever the truth, the fact that he uses the word in a title for his song "Rose clouds of Holocaust", which, let's see, could it refer, or possibly be taken to refer, to the clouds of ash coming out of Auschwitz? is a sort of thumbing of the nose at people who actually care about things like the Holocaust.

It's hard to maintain that "you didn't mean it" like that, or weren't trying to goad people on, when you entitle a CD of early songs "Holocaust Hymns".

People may wonder why I'm talking about DiJ, but the fact is that despite assertions to the contrary Death in June is a substantial mover and shaker in the industrial/neofolk scene. Plus, many of the assertions of questionable content have come from people who aren't familiar with or who are automatically hostile to all of Industrial Music and Neofolk. I'm actually familiar with both and so am sort of beyond accustaions of that sort.

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good morning, mister marshall of seattle! if you want to download some albums of death in june just vcisit ;-)

goodbye dear comrade!

(it's just for informations - because some people think, that death in june (dij) is a fuckin' naziscumbastard-band. but that's wrong!