Sunday, June 17, 2007

Murnau's "Faust"

The German silent film from 1926.

I really have very little interest in writing this, having little to do with the movie itself, but since I said I was going to do it in the Nosferatu post here it is.

Murnau's Faust is so well put together on every front that you'd swear it was from the '50s, not from the '20s. The cinematography is excellent, the angles the camera uses and the use of lighting are extraordinarily innovative and modern. The special effects are seamless and, again, reminiscent of the quality of American films in the '50s rather than what people associate with silent films.

The story is portrayed with great depth and complexity, virtually the opposite of Nosferatu, which is almost chilishly simplistic.

The acting is very good, especially the parts of Gretchen, played by Camilla Horn, and Mephisto, played by Emil Jannings.

See it. Get it from your video store. The Kino video version of this is one of the better versions, if my understanding is correct, because there were different versions made for different countries.

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