Thursday, June 14, 2007

Obscurity and not

I've noticed a distinct upturn in hits since posting about Nosferatu. It's the same as the bump I got while posting about how the Clash suck, at least in my opinion, as being Amphetamine laced least in London Calling.

This is to be expected. After all, most people know about Nosferatu and most people know about the Clash, especially the people who read this website. But, in a way, the site is more about the things that no one has heard of that get a few hits than things like these two. It's not because of some sense of elitism so much as it is because if these types of things are so obscure that they only get a few hits on my site, and a few more via Google, then even though a it's only a few more people reading about them that's a few more than otherwise would be aware of them. If you want to make things known you've got to start somewhere, and posting about them on a blog is a step up from having them locked away in some university library or some other generally inaccessable place.

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