Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A reason for going back to college and finishing my degree

That I'm done with.

It happened like this: I was living in Gainesville Florida, home of the University of Florida, doing my own thing, doing research on topics that were interesting to me, eventually making extensive use of the University library itself, when, after a while of living there I began to realize something. Gainesville is one of the binge drinking capitols of the college circuit, second only in Florida to FSU in Tallahassee, and on any given Friday, and Saturday, you can go out at night and see immaculately dressed university kids stumbling around, drunk, screaming at each other, going from bar to bar. Frat people, general preppy people, you name it. Eventually I realized that a lot of these people weren't that smart and that they were just drinking and partying their way through school, but that despite this, at the end of their four or five years, they'd have a college diploma and would be eligible for all sorts of opportunities that people without college degrees don't have. More importantly, at least for me, they'd be seen as successes, even though they were total fuckups in their time during college, while people who didn't have that magic degree, no matter how smart or knowledgable they were, would be regarded as failures.

I essentially didn't want to be seen as more of a fuckup than these folks.

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