Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Vietnamese in America

Represent one of the few instances that the U.S. government has done right by a group of people whose lives it has affected.

It surprised me when I got out here how big the Vietnamese community is. Mainly because I'd only lived further east before coming out here and there really aren't large Vietnamese communities out there. The only place I'd been with a substantial Vietnamese community was Orlando, where I suspect the people in the community work very cheaply for Disney.

Anyways, the people who are out here are either people who supported the U.S. backed regime in South Vietnam during the war or people who for whatever reason decided it would be a very bad thing to stay in Vietnam after it became Communist. They were either spirited out via the U.S. government or they took off in boats, being intercepted and transferred to refugee camps before coming to the United States.

It's somewhat impressive that the United States let them in instead of leaving them to whatever fate awaited them in Vietnam.
Regardless of one's feelings about the war, if you help put someone in a compromising position I think you have some sort of obligation to help them out when the tide turns on them.

Hopefully we'll do the same thing for Iraqis once the Iraq war is over.

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