Friday, July 20, 2007

Ah, it's like the Daniel Cassidy book

"How the Irish invented slang". Like with that one I know Joe Bageant from the myriad of columns he writes. Like that one, if the many columns are any indication, it's a white washing of white America's real status in the U.S. My opinion of the essays of Daniel Cassidy's that have appeared on Counterpunch is that they're pseudo-scientific amateur attempts to prove that gaelic was behind things like African American slang, something that should rightly go to African Americans themselves and not to the Irish. If they were convincing essays I wouldn't say that, but they appear to be on the level of the guy who's trying to prove that Magyar, the language of the Hungarians, was the language of Atlantis.

Amazingly, some dude accused me of being racist towards Irish people for criticizing Cassidy. Racist? Isn't racist by definition someone who judges other people because they fall into a different racial category than them, with the acknowledgement that 'race' itself is not scientifically valid? What arrogance to declare the Irish a 'race' and to accuse people who try to deflate some of the Celtophilia that sells in the United States of being racist, as if attacking this stuff was on par with saying that blacks are stupider than whites and naturally prone to violence.

What arrogance.

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