Saturday, July 07, 2007

America: an argument against Hegel

Hegel had an interesting philosophy that showed in one way how he derived the natural world from abstraction and how the natural world could be raised to abstraction. One of the things he said was that quantity would be replaced by quality eventually. What that means is that, say, if you fill a tire up with air and keep on filling it eventually it will pop. The popping of the tire is a qualitative change in that it's something different than the tire just filling up with more air. It's a change from one state, an intact tire, to another state, a tire that's busted. The same principle can be applied more generally to one's everyday experience.

In terms of America, the hope would be that after experiencing enough quantitative wealth and consumption, especially of course by the richer classes, that it would lead to a qualitative change, like figuring out that simple accumulation of things isn't everything in life and that things beyond simple consumption, like art and quality of life, are more important.

Unfortunately, this has not come to pass.

American consumerism: 1

Hegel: 0

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