Monday, July 23, 2007

And before that I was in NYC

Continuing the personal history started in the Olympia-Seattle post. Took off for New York CIty in August of 1998, participated in my first big demonstration there, the annual October protest against police brutality, came back home to the Detroit area in the spring, left again the following August, and then took off for Florida in December of 1999, after attending the SOA protest that happened to be going on at the same time as WTO. I was too new to the activist scene to be hooked into WTO in the sense of knowing people who were going there or being part of an organization that was participating, although I knew what the WTO was and what it was doing in the world. Plus, I was living in the midwest at the time, and it takes quite a lot of personal involvement in things to bring somebody out across a three or four day drive to the Pacific Northwest and back for a demo.

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