Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How Larry King is Destroying Democracy One Inane Question at a Time

Wow, a takedown of the media that's actually entertaining, and most probably written by someone under 50. The article is by Jennifer Matsui and Carl Kandutch, and is from Counterpunch. The title link leads to the article. I have to admit that one of the things that drew me to the article, which was on the Counterpunch sidebar, was that it was subtitled "Electric Larryland", which is the name of a Butthole Surfers album that I've recently mentioned here. The reference is indicative of the article in that when someone gives their article an inside joke subtitle referencing the Butthole Surfers you know you're not going to be dealing with the same tired, worn out, journalism.

Here's an excerpt:

"If there is one reason to watch 'Larry King Live - unrelated, that is, to a perverse pleasure in testing the limits of banality and tedium to life-threatening extremes - it's the chance to play "Are You Optimistic? - a drinking game based on the CNN host's Tourette's-like penchant for asking his squirming guests if he/she is "optimistic". For the uninitiated viewer, this usually occurs whenever 'The King of Talk' has run through his entire repetoire of non-sequiter softball questions before his hour of dead airtime is up, thus opening up the playing field for a spirited round of blood alcohol poisoning that the whole family can enjoy. And unless you enjoy the thrills of competitive flatlining, watching this Gab-Fest equivalent of a frontal lobotomy (without the benefit of a bottle in front of you) is like having to endure, fully conscious, botched brain surgery performed by a Borscht belt hack on the back alley abortion circuit. And being fully sober throughout an entire episode of LKL means being unable to fully appreciate the mawkish, shlock appeal of Larry, CNN's even dumber 'Cable Guy'.


Although I'd like to get a hold of some of that Ecstasy spiked kool aide they talk about in a drinking game in another paragraph, methinks they've been spending a little too much time around "Planet K", which is a chain of headshops that also sell alternative literature, zines, etc... that is located in Austin.

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