Monday, July 09, 2007

I used to care about intra-blogosphere concerns

But not so much anymore. What I mean by concerns are things like people wanting to teach creationism in schools, or crazy anti-feminist people. Really crazy anti-feminist people. I woke up one day and realized that outside of particular parts of the blogosphere no one really cares about people in isolated, conservative, areas who want creationism taught and actually have a chance of influencing their school board. There isn't some sort of pan-U.S. anti-Evolution movement, no matter what people say.

Most people in the U.S., when confronted with some concerns that bloggers give a lot of virtual ink to would say "Yeah, they're crazy fucks", or some equivalent, and go on about their business.

Why give more press to something that's really marginal?

And if this is objectionable, please point out to me the schools in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusets, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, etc... that are direly threatened by parents demanding that the schools teach creationism.

See what I mean?

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