Monday, July 02, 2007

Iran-Venezuela seal alliance

I think this is a good thing. The title headline leads to the full story. I'm not a fan of Ahmadinejad, and not a fan of the complex ultra-conservative domination of society by the religious leaders, but I think that Iran can play a role in an anti-imperialist alliance. Ahmadinejad's sponsoring of things like the Holocaust conference, his crack down on gays, and his recent crack down on even trivial offenses regarding clothing, are terrible, yet, it needs a friend in the region. If it turns out that Venezuela and Putin's Russia are the main allies of Iran, then so be it. It's better to have a coalition of folks ready to counter U.S. aggression than it is to have a country standing alone, with no geopolitical ramifications if it's invaded and taken over by the United States.

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