Friday, July 20, 2007

It looks like Joe Bageant has a new book out

Joe Bageant, famous in my book for declaring that ethnic european Americans, specifically Poles and Italians but by implication also Jews, Czechs, etc... were "Two shits from the outhouse Irish", has written a book about life in rural Virginia among whites there entitled "Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War". It's marketed as populist, as if the number of whites living in rural areas were really representative of the working class. Judging from his other works, I'm guessing that this one should be retitled "Deer Hunting with Jesus, and killing a few Niggers on the Side: Dispatches from Virginia's poor rural whites".

Honestly. Like someone commented about the "Blue Collar Comedians", they're not blue collar, they're from the country. There's a huge difference. The idea that the people he's talking about represent the working class in Chicago and Detroit, who are mostly blacks, Latinos, and "Two shits from the outhouse Irish", is ludicris. It's offensive too. It represents more of whiter than white America trying to claim the status of "most oppressed" in the United States, which is objectively false.

Maybe he should have done the book in the Bronx. Or better yet, why not arrange a field trip for his Virginia folks to the Bronx? It'll be a cultural exchange which no doubt will be edifying for both parties.

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