Monday, July 02, 2007

Minority is a misleading word

Because it has the connotation that oppression is the result of not having enough numbers. I think racism etc.. are examples of people with power oppressing those without. Power doesn't need numerical superiority to rule. Look at Brazil. Brazil has the biggest African population outside of Africa, with blacks in many places being in the majority, and yet most blacks in Brazil are extremely poor and the elite, so far as I can tell, is extremely white. The origin of that situation lies in a history of oppression starting in slavery and going on to the present day.

I think that if, as statisticians have said, the U.S. becomes a country where the minority populations combined form the numerical majority of the people here, in the next few decades, that unless you see enourmous rallies like the recent immigration rallies happen along with a comprehensive movement for social justice the future will look much like the past. Whites will be on top, the whitest of the whites on the very top, and blacks, migrant workers, and Native Americans, will be on the bottom.

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