Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oklahoma City...Clinton...Bush...Homeland Security?

I wonder, in light of the below post, whether in looking for the ultimate origin of the Department of Homeland Security we should look at questions like why did Timothy McVeigh know so many FBI agents?

Clinton was a loyal corporatist. I'm not a Clinton hater beside the fact that he's a quintessential neoliberal. Now, at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing certain groups, ironically from the far left as well as the far right, that were both hostile to the expansion of the state, wrote that the bombing was like the Reichstag Fire, something that would be used as an excuse for a dictatorship. Of course, the years went on and Clinton's America didn't become a dictatorship, or even something like we possess right now under George W. Bush, and so those people who said that were gradually dismissed as being out of their minds.

But. It appears that during this time, starting with the passing of the crime bill by Clinton, as well as his formation of two new governmental bodies specifically devoted to terrorist preparedness, the groundwork was laid that Bush used after 9/11 to construct the Department of Homeland Security on. More than that, it looks like something resembling the Department of Homeland Security actually existed in the background, and had for several years by the time 9/11 happened.

Like I said, maybe, while giving Bush and Cheney the evil credit that's due to them, we should go back to the Oklahoma City bombing and ask why Timothy McVeigh knew so many FBI agents*

*who were part of the crew that he knew at a white supremacist compound where he stayed while he ironed out the details for the Oklahoma City bombing.

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