Friday, August 24, 2007

Dennis Wheatley's "The Devil Rides Out" or The Punchy Movie

Dennis Wheatley was a British horror writer, who wrote a series of books about a fictional underground Satanic cult that was out to do bad things I guess. I've just seen the movie that was made out of "The Devil Rides Out", the first of these books, starring Christopher Lee (Lord Summerisle of The Wicker Man). It's really funny, actually, although I can see kids taking seriously. It's about the Satanic cult trying to get two acolytes. The influence of Christianity in it is really funny, as if you can just throw a cross at, well that's best left unsaid ;)

I call it "The Punchy Movie" because the character Rex, one of the good guys along with Christopher Lee, resolves situation after situation with a right cross, inevitably knocking whoever it is out with one blow. This starts in almost the first scene and goes on. Whenever there's a problem that can't be resolved through arguing with someone this guy just punches them out and the story goes on. There should be a drinking game where you take a shot whenever Rex punches somebody, it would be entertaining. Only people who don't get it are the female characters.

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