Monday, August 20, 2007

Families of miners demand hole for a rescue capsule, meanwhile 34 civilians were killed in Iraq yesterday

From CNN via Rawstory

Keith Oppenheim reported from Huntington, UT that over the weekend the tone of mine officials had "changed from optimism to despair" after experts determined that underground tunneling was no longer safe and a borehole showed oxygen levels were insufficient to sustain life.

A fifth borehole is being drilled that may provide more information, but the underground tunneling that resulted in the death or injury of nine rescuers has ceased. The families are demanding that the mining company drill a hole large enough for a rescue capsule that could retrieve the men or their bodies.

From Iraq Body Count

Sunday 19 August: 34 dead

Baghdad: 12 killed by mortars, including 2 children, Obeidi; gunmen kill Education Ministry official and his brother; motorcycle bomb, roadside bombs, eastern Baghdad; 14 bodies.
Rashad: body found.
Kirkuk-Hawija road: policeman's body found.

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