Monday, August 06, 2007

Foetus Foetus on the wall...

Story out there about a woman who aborted her third trimester baby by herself, who was arrested, and who apparently had two other aborted foetuses in a chest in her bedroom, wrapped in plastic. The arrest happened because Maryland passed a bill that allowed abortion of viable foetuses to be classified as murder. The woman showed up at an emergency room after she did it and the doctors removed the placenta and umbilical cord....but couldn't find the baby. Naturally, they were curious.

While the bill that made aborting a viable foetus murder isn't good, the response by one member of the blogosphere, who shall remain nameless but who is the only female blogger on This Modern World is kind of off. The gist is that the woman shouldn't be charged with murder for a still birth, because self-abortion is exempted in Maryland's code of laws. Uh, yes, but aborting third trimester babies is illegal everywhere except in the most extreme of circumstances. The third trimester is after the normal time of so-called "partial birth abortions". So, yes, she shouldn't be charged with murder, but she probably should be locked up for being fucking crazy. To treat this case like it was a teenager who found out she was pregnant and, without any options, chose to abort her foetus herself is pretty inaccurate.

The woman self aborted a foetus over six months old and had other foetuses wrapped up in her chest.
I see, though, that in the post the part that our blogger wrote about a question of whether or not the foetuses were hers has been deleted, probably because it was so embarrassing after it was reported that they were in the lady's chest. But the point is that while people have the right to choose, some people are still insane, and treating this case like it's about abortion rights without mentioning that this woman in all probability has gone around the bend seriously, seriously, misses the point.

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