Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist group so is the U.S. Special Forces

Because they're both part of a country's armed forces. To classify a division of another country's army as a terrorist group, which Bush wants to do with the Revolutionary Guards of Iran as a pretext for invading that country, defies all logic and all rules of linguistic meaning. It's right up there with Clinton's question about "What 'Is' is." that he asked during questioning in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. If Bush can designate elite military units as terrorist organizations then why not designate the Special Forces and the Rangers, two of our elite killing groups, as being composed of terrorists. Or....why not the FSB of Russia? Ah, but the people who torture and murder Chechens are our friends, because we've temporarily paid Putin off with support for his "war on terror" in exchange for less anti-U.S. saber rattling on his part. Why not go down to Ft. Bragg and protest our very own homegrown terrorist group then?

I guarantee you that they're responsible for many more bodies than the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

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