Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In defense of the right of Senators, and everyone else, to have sex in bathrooms

Why? Because it's a matter of gay rights. Hate to sound over the top about this but the sniggering response of The Huffington Post, with "Paul Hipp
A Dramatic Reading Of The Craig Bathroom Bust"
, "Larry Craig: thank you for coming out today", which is a vicious video satire that I'll deal with separately, is contributing to bring us back to the pre-Stonewall days when gays and men engaging in consensual gay sex were viewed as hilarious curiosities that could be put down and disrespected with impunity.

Every liberal blogger who supports gay rights but laughs at Craig should really look at where they're coming from in this. Arrests in mens' rooms, in parks, etc... of men having, or discussing having, sex with each other have been one of the ways that police have used for a long time to intimidate the gay community. Throwing people in jail on 'solicitation' charges or other charges relating to the act is a good way of ruining careers and outing people who don't want to be outed---both things that if the person in question hadn't been a Republican would have elicited sympathy from people.

The fact that he supports family values and anti-gay legislation is no excuse to put up stereotypes and lampooning that the gay community has dealt with for decades.

Please, watch the video to see how close to Fox News and other gutters of homophobia the Huffington post has gotten to. I'm speechless. Right now I'm feeling like I want to hurt someone over this video.

When it comes to gay rights, either shit or get off the pot. Either support the rights of people whose political opinions you don't agree with to have gay sex or stop pretending to support gay rights.

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Renegade Eye said...

This guy has a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition. He was caught in a contradiction.

Still I think your post gives me something to think about.