Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is kink wrong?

Moralizing bullshit under another name smells just as sweet. Here's Nina Burleigh from her column "Satan's in stall beside me":

"The demise of mountain state Republican Senator Larry Craig amuses those of us who enjoy watching right-wing heroes crash to the ground, spiked on their own hypocrisy. It further confirms my theory: prick any conservative and the kink oozes out. The rockier the rib, the more likely you'll find pink lingerie under the trousers or a bullwhip and manacles in the bedside drawer. You can bet those Beltway dominatrices, madams and escorts (gay and straight) have been able to buy second homes -- maybe even in Sun Valley! -- with their haul during W's reign." (emphasis mine)

Which is to say that if you like kinky sex, so the thinking goes, you're a repressed loser. If a liberal were fired for engaging in S&M it would make all the blogs, but a conservative....well....must be a repressed loser that we can all look down on. The issue of sexual freedom seemingly doesn't come into play here.

What exactly is wrong with the behaviors described in the sentence I put in bold? And what's wrong with a Republican engaging in them?

The way I see it, it isn't the acts so much as the hypocrisy of engaging in them while condemning them from your political pulpit that's wrong.

So now we've seen homophobia make its appearance in relation to Craig, we've seen general anti-gay sentiment like Trey Ellis' comment that discrimination has psychologically forced gay men to seek companionship amidst "Piss and shit", a direct quote, and now we're seeing sexual freedom as embodied in non-standard sex practices being condemned and laughed at because the people who it's being aimed at are Republicans.

With friends like these people who advocate for sexual freedom sure as hell don't need enemies.

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