Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's funny that people don't give a damn about Iraqi civilians killed but can tear their hearts out over six miners who are probably dead.

I'm just saying. On the one hand, very little coverage and a whole lot of apathy relating to Iraqi civilians who have been blown apart, maimed, had their limbs amputated, been blinded, because of American fire. On the other, when it comes to six, just six people, who are unfortunately probably dead by now, who are Americans, it's a national tragedy that has people tearing their hearts out in sympathy and mourning. News story after news story after news story is devoted to it, to the latest about the miners in Utah, to the scandal about the "Mining Czar"'s conflicts of interest, and to the honestly bad safety record of the mine itself. What about the errors and problems that lead to children being shot in Iraq or people being bombed in Afghanistan? It must be a variant of the "white girl in trouble" story. If a bad, but comparably small, thing happens in the U.S. or to U.S. citizens it's an enormous deal. If it happens to brown people in Iraq or Afghanistan it doesn't matter. Even though it's not bad mine safety that's at fault but U.S. soldiers actually shooting and dropping bombs on people.

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