Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look at the silly faggots! Huffingon Post's coverage of the Larry Craig affair

As I write, Huffington Post has up the following articles on its front page:

"Sometimes I wish I were gay", by Trey Ellis, which starts off on the front page with the wonderful lead in "Leave it to a bunch of guys to figure out a way to circumvent thousands of years and the endless intricacies and uncertainties of courtship with a simple tap of the toes."

After the standard "I'm not prejudiced! Mea culpa Ellis goes on to "And awesome it would be if straight guys could just sidle up to a woman, tap our foot and have sex with them. According to Craig's police report that's all you have to do. I'm newly single again and truly suck at meeting women at bars. I don't like to get drunk and think it's unsportsmanlike to take a woman to bed if she's blotto.

This whole tapping the foot thing could be the answer to my prayers. After yoga, instead of feverishly racking my brain for some non-lame ice breaker I'd just -- tap, tap, tap -- and they'd jerk me in to the locker room. The next time I fall in love at Starbucks, instead of pretending to the woman in front of me that I'm confused about the distinction between a grande and a venti I'd tap, tap, tap and we'd rush off to the nearest hotel."

In all fairness, Ellis' article probably the least offensive of the offensive articles, note that not all of them were offensive, about the Larry Craig scandal.

Then there's "
"Paul Hipp
A Dramatic Reading Of The Craig Bathroom Bust"
, where Paul Hipp delivers an erotic reading of the police report attached to Craig's arrest. Look at the faggots everyone! Here, we'll read his arrest report and put it on the internet! Those crazy faggots, look at the shit they do. And we'll savor every moment of punching them while they're down......oh, I mean pick on Republican faggots, not the liberal fags who look so nice on television.

Then there's this, the sort of apogee of the homophobic (but it doesn't count because he's a Republican!) coverage of Larry Craig on the Huffington Post.:
"Larry Craig: thank you all for coming out today",

Words don't fail me. I'll tell you what it is. It's a one minute clip from Craig's statement where in sequence a guy in a leather harness, Freddy Mercury (the gay singer from Queen), Judy Garland as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the gay policeman from the Village People, and Liza Manelli, appear as cut outs overlaid on top of the statement. Then techno music starts playing in the background. Then the words GAY and then PARTY in pink fill the screen, one after the other, then animated confetti starts dropping from the top of the screen.......and then the gay characters that have been overlaid on top of Craig start moving to the techno beat.

Oh, and by the way, it was produced by a company named "23/6", which is a newly formed satirical website. Be sure to drop by sometime, once the site gets fully up and running, and tell them about their work.

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