Sunday, August 26, 2007

Maliki lashes out at U.S. critics

He's not exactly in a position to dictate orders.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday blasted US politicians who have called for him to be replaced and demanded that France apologise for allegedly also seeking to turf him out of office.

Maliki's outburst came after two US senators, Carl Levin and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, urged Iraqi lawmakers to choose someone else to lead Iraq's ruling coalition and seek faster national reconciliation.

Separately, in an interview with a US news magazine, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also reportedly suggested that Maliki step aside.

Their calls came amid mounting frustration with the slow pace of Maliki's attempts to reunite his war-torn country, which have so far failed to heal the deep rifts between Iraq's warring factions and communities.

"Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin are democratic people and should respect democracy. They talk about Iraq as if Iraq is their property," Maliki complained at a news conference in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone."

Come now. Maliki surely knows that if Bush withdrew his support and his troops from Iraq that Maliki's government would fall in a day. If he wants to complain about people acting like they own Iraq why doesn't he talk about his patron and protecter, President Bush, and the hundred thousand or so U.S. troops on Iraqi soil.

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