Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Mexican Senate sides with mom deported from USA"

U.S.A. today made a startling announcement: Mexico has a Senate. I don't know where it's been hiding from U.S. reporters for all these years but the U.S. media, at least U.S.A. today, has managed to find it, inadvertently revealing that Mexico has more elected officials than just the President. What's next? The U.S. media actually addressing a Mexican congressman by name? You never know in this crazy world.

Ok, the story (title link): "MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican Senate committee passed a measure Wednesday urging President Felipe Calderon to send a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the deportation of an illegal migrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year.

The committee also approved a scholarship to help her 8-year-old U.S.-born son, Saul, who is an American citizen and stayed in the United States.

Elvira Arellano, 32, became an activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents by defying her deportation order and speaking out from her sanctuary in the Adalberto United Methodist Church. She announced last week that she was leaving to try to lobby U.S. lawmakers for immigration reform.

On Sunday, shortly after she spoke at a rally in a Los Angeles church, she was arrested and deported to Tijuana, across the border from San Diego."

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Anonymous said...

That’s interesting that the mexico senate would do that … media publicity maybe ?

Mexico recently made the news when it deported 100’s of south American migrants which was considered cruel even by Mexican standards … the policy in mexico is that if you are not a Mexican citizen in mexico, you are arrested and deported immediately.

It would be interesting to see what America will be like the year 2100 when america has 1 billion people -- the current projections if legal and illegal immigration to America continues unabated. My guess is that it will like India with the crime rate of Brazil.