Thursday, August 30, 2007

The "Mile High Club" and Larry Craig

How many movies have you seen where a couple either sneaks off to have sex in an airplane bathroom or where a man picks up a woman sitting next to him and takes her to the airplane bathroom to have sex with her? It's more than just one or two. It's always presented as a gung ho triumph for the man, especially if he's picked up the beautiful woman sitting next to him, who he's just met on the plane.

In the pilot episode of "Six Feet Under" on HBO the characters Nate and Brenda meet on a plane, talk to each other through the flight, then after landing Brenda proposes having sex in a closet in the airport, which they do.

Think about office dramas or comedies where a man takes in a woman co-worker that has just appeared on the scene into an office closet and has sex with her, or about dramas where the elevator stops between floors and the man and the woman have sex.

They're all regarded as sexy, manly, triumphs, but every single one of these is public sex, disorderly conduct, the exact same thing that Larry Craig was arrested for.

Only in Craig's case because he wanted to have sex with another man he's a pervert and a lowlife.
Beyond the very obvious contradiction between his political stands and his personal life people go, and are, going to town with what a sick scum bag he is. Can't get any lower. Above and beyond the call of duty they go, especially the writers on The Huffington Post, for something that if it had involved a man and a woman would have got them cheering.

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Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between two people going to have sex where no one else can see them doing it (airplane bathroom) and two people going to do it where I am trying to relieve my bowels after a 7 hour flight, or a father is bringing his 5 year old to use a stall and has to hear the act and see the feet of 2 people 2 feet away from him.