Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miners' families enraged search is being called off. Meanwhile, last sunday, 56 people were murdered in Iraq violence

FromIraq Body Count

Sunday 12 August: 56 dead

Baghdad: mortars, Qahira; US/Iraqi raid kills 2 in Sadr City; 17 bodies.
Hawija: US air strike kills farmer; 2 bodies.
Arif Koie: 3 policemen killed by gunmen -policeman's wife commits suicide when told of his death, leaving 5 young children.
Hilla: 3 bodies.
Baquba: 16 bodies.

From MSNBC about the miners:

"HUNTINGTON, Utah - Six coal miners caught in a cave-in are probably dead and may forever be entombed in the still-quivering mountain, officials conceded Sunday, all but abandoning the unflinching optimism they’ve maintained publicly for nearly two weeks.

Relatives responded by accusing federal officials and the mine's owners of quitting on the rescue effort and leaving the men for dead.
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"We feel that they've given up and that they are just waiting for the six miners to expire," said Sonny Olsen, a spokesman for the families, reading from a prepared statement as about 70 relatives of the trapped miners stood behind him."

From Iraq Body Count about last Saturday:

Saturday 11 August: 31 dead

Baghdad: 3 killed when Imam's house is bombed, Adhamiya; roadside bomb, Zaafaraniya; 11 bodies.
Afak: governor of Diwaniya killed with police chief and 3 bodyguards by roadside bomb.
Ishaqi: 4 mutilated bodies of young men, abducted last week.

Last Friday:

Friday 10 August: 69 dead

Third day of curfew and driving ban

Baghdad: 6 bodies.
Kirkuk: car bomb kills 11, including a child.
Garma: son of head of Maliki tribe is killed, 5 killed in clashes following his death.
Baquba: car bomb, shootings.
Khalidiya: US rockets fired from Al-Habaniya base hit house, kill 2.
Mosul: 3 policemen, kidnapped the previous day, publicly murdered/executed; 11 bodies.
Samarra: US aircraft bombs van carrying electricity workers, kills 8.
Rutba: 3 bodies.
Khalis: 9 bodies, 4 from the same family.

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