Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"None so blind as the color blind" by Sean Gonsalves

Wow. Nice article on race. Glad to see these things popping up on liberal/left websites like Commondreams. Title link leads to it.

"What if my baseball buddy hadn’t shared that cab with me? That wouldn’t make him a racist but it would mean he was cashing-in on white-skin privilege - the privilege of not having to pay a racial tax for the criminal behavior of a few who happen to share the same skin color.

This racial tax can be seen at work in the national “liberal” media just about every time there’s a report of some spectacular crime or news of a celebrity’s moral lapse. As conservative cultural critic (and jazz scholar) Stanley Crouch astutely observed, when a black person commits a crime, it’s a comment on race. When a white person commits a crime it’s a comment on society or that one individual alone.

No matter how many times a disturbed white male shoots up a school, church or workplace, bombs an abortion clinic or is arrested for being a serial killer, nobody raises questions like: is something wrong with white suburban culture? The response is either: that’s one sick individual, or it just goes to show you how bad society is getting.

Too many Allen Iverson “types” in the NBA? Let’s institute a dress code to send a message to “black thugs.” White NHL players fight all the time but that’s just hockey, part of the game, you know. Michael Vick is indicted for his alleged involvement in dog-fighting and next thing you know we’re talking about “thugs,” “hip hop,” the “breakdown of the black family” and all manner of Bill Cosby moralizing."

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they will find their patsies where ever they can be it by race, blacks, red men, hispanic. Religion, muslims, taoists, jews, or most commonly as in my case communists. We take the real brunt of oppression because we speak up for all those oppressed; women, children, the ill, the poor, minorities, everyone. But with the combined powers of these smaller minorities we can create one bad ass force to contend with