Thursday, August 23, 2007

Psychic TV in Seattle, PTV 3

It was a good show, although the audience was really subdued. You could feel the temperature in the room drop first with the projection of large vaginas on the wall and then with the accompaniment to "I like you", which was a vaguely sadomasochistic film, which surprised me. I mean, this is Seattle, supposedly, and Capitol Hill, the place where all the jaded Hipsters live. Obviously this type of thing is too much for them. In actuality they got off really easy.

But this sort of detracts from it. Why did I go? Why do I have live Psychic TV recordings that I listen to a lot? The answer was something that Genesis said during the show and that I realized during the course of it, which is for the education. You can't really say much more than that except that it was a function of honesty, which in general is hard to come by because honesty means vulnerability. So here was a group of people performing onstage, in front of an audience that might have come because they saw a notice for it or a write up somewhere, might have come because they've followed them for decades, might have come for any number of reasons between those two as well as other reasons and possibilities, trying to test people's weak spots, in terms of what they expect from performers and what they expect from bands that are billed in a certain way, the relationship of the performers to the audience, in the hope of getting people to another place. Not just saying
"Fuck off", but instead picking and prodding them with the best intentions in mind. Which is really nice. And generous.

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